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Briefing on Contract Administration Management to Contract Administrator in UPM

OCTOBER-1, 2019: Procurement management is one of the activities within the Bursar Office's Core Business, where this area is always the focus and observation of various audits wherether internal or external audits. Transparency and integrity in procurement management including contract administration should always be emphasized by all Civil Servants. In conjunction to the audit findings, the Procurement Management Division convened a contract administration management briefing for all contract administrators at UPM in the Senate Room on October 1, 2019 with the attendance of nearly 90 contract administrators. The purpose of this briefing is to explain the responsibilities and roles of contract administrators to ensure that the terms and conditions of the contract as well as the implementation of the work / service / supply specifications are complied with. The speaker, who is also the Head of Procurement Management Division, Mrs Norlian Ismail said the findings of the audit related to contract management such as penalties, a contract period of over 4 months including payments made without obligation were fully complied with by the company which is a serious offense that should be avoided. She also called on the cooperation of contract administrators to make accurate and transparent performance assessments in line with the implementation of services / work / supplies by the company without being bound by personal interests. Monitoring of contracts is also emphasized so that the university is not at loss and at the same time safeguards UPM's interests and rights. Sharing examples and situations that lead to noncompliance in the management of contract management to be better understood and appreciated by all participants.

It is hoped that this briefing managed to cut loose any future findings by auditor.


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