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Cafe Talk Read@Bursar Pemangkin Budaya Membaca Warga Bursar

OCTOBER-1, 2019: UPM's Read @ Uni Reader Corner Competition 2019 is the first event held at UPM which was officially launched by YBhg. Prof. Your Datin Dato 'Dr. Aini Ideris at UPM Read@UPM on April 12, 2019. In conjunction with UPM's Quality and Service Innovation (HKIP) Day 2019, the best Read @ Uni corner is one of the prizes.


Not to miss the row, Bursar Office has created Book Cafe as a platform for Read@Bursar corner which shows the result of efforts and creativity among Bursar's staff by using all possible raw material and resources for recycle as well as upcycle products to reinforce that angle. This corner also houses the scholarly books and casual readings contributed by the department's staff.


To ensure that this angle is accessible to every departmental staff, relaxing talk show named Café Talk Read@Bursar was held on September 26, 2019. The 45 minutes show highlighted issues related to Bursar Read as a main topic by two penalist, Tuan Haji Zulkiflee Othman as a Bursar and Puan Hajjah Izariahwati Mohd Isa as Senior Deputy Bursar . The casual talk organized by the 5S Committee of the Bursar Office was also emphasized the interest of reading among the staff of the Bursar Office as well as making the Book Cafe the soothing place to calm the mind.  A variety of interesting pieces from Mr. Bursar and Mrs. Hajjah Izariahwati like answering challenging questions by the audience and a session of book review of Memoir Radin Umar Radin Sohadi : aku dan amanahmu has delightly delivered by Mr Bursar with the concept of Bursar Read.

It is hoped that Mr. Bursar's guidance and aspiration can serve as a lesson and a guide to all staff and extend it to those around us. Let's turn this corner into a relaxing corner during recess while enjoying a cup of coffee here.

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