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Early Release Of The Sending Audit (QMS) MS ISO 9001: 2015 (2019)

SERDANG-SEPTEMBER 25, 2019: UPM must maintain MS ISO 9001: 2015 certification (QMS) annually and must pass the auditing process of Sirim Berhad within its chosen scope.

This year, the Office of the Bursar was re-elected as the year before and the audit process was conducted on September 25, 2019 throughout the day at the Meeting Room, Bursar Office.

The Sirim Audit acting as the auditor was Dr Montaj Mustakim. He was accompanied by Mr Yusri as Deputy Coordinator of Audit in the Bursar Office.

The scope involved in the audit process is the achievement of quality objectives, procurement, payment and asset management. All the auditors who are the process leaders or the staff and staff in their respective divisions have shown excellent cooperation in helping the auditors to obtain accurate and timely documents or feedback.

At the close of the audit at the Bursar Office, no NCR was issued for all audited processes. This is another success at the Bursar Office. However, the actual number of NCR and Office of the Bursar Office or related to the Office of the Bursar will be known by Friday evening at the close of Sirim Audit 2019.

Hopefully no major NCR will be applied to all processes at UPM.

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