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HKIP 2019:The Spirit of Triumph Surge 400%

NOVEMBER-22, 2019: Universiti Putra Malaysia Service Quality and Innovation Day 2019 with the theme of Creativity Initiated Innovation Harvested at Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah's Cultural and Arts Center saw 14 awards and prizes contested as follows:

Prize Name / Award

1 .Theme Creating

2 .Innovation Ideas

3 .Read @ Uni Corner Prize

4 .Lean Management Award

5 .Innovative & Creative Group Awards

6 .Service Innovation Award

7 .Website Management Award

8 .Workplace Quality Awards (5S / EKSA)

9 .Occupational Safety and Health Management Award

10.Asset Management Accountability Index Award

11 .Creative Delegation Competition Between PTJ

12 .Choir Competition Between PTJ Prizes

13.Administrative Management Star Rating Award

14. Champion Quality and Innovation Vice Chancellor Award


The Bursar Office has shown great enthusiasm by participating in 10 of the 14 awards / prizes and winning 4 of them. The 400% victory over HKIP 2018 shows the spirit and commitment of all Bursar Office staff this year.

Among the prizes / awards attended and / or won by the Bursar Office at HKIP this year are as follows:

Prize / Award                                                                                           Place

  1. Create Theme Participation                                                               Participation (4 forms)
  2. Read @ Uni Corner                                                                           Third
  3. Service Innovation Award                                                                 Second
  4. Website Management Award                                                             Participation
  5. 5.Work Environment Quality Award (5S / EKSA)                                 Second
  6. Occupational Safety and Health Management Award                           Participation
  7. Asset Management Accountability Index Award                                  Participation
  8. Creative Delegation Competition Prizes Between PTJ                          Participation
  9. Choir Competition Among PTJ                                                          Best Dresses
  10. Management Star Rating Award                                                       Participation

The Bursar office also featured a special flower petal by the Rakti Putra Rakan Team (RBP) for each award.

Mr. Bursar, Mr Haji Zulkiflee Othman expressed gratitude and pride in the achievement of the Bursar Office as a result of commitment and determination of all levels. '' Congratulations to all. We made our presence felt at UPM. Bursar can '' he said today.

Congratulations once again to the Bursar Office and may this commitment and continuous effort be a source of encouragement to all staff in any task given.

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