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i-SEDEKAH@MASJID UPM , Scanning Alm In Digital Economy Era

OCTOBER-1, 2019: Friday is a highly recommended day to give alms everywhere and to the target of the poor. On this same day, the UPM Bursar Office launched the UPM Mosque Fund donation application using the cashless transaction facility through the Quick Response Code (QR Code) technology or also known as QR code. The application, called the i-Sedekah@ Mosque UPM, can be downloaded from the Google Store and the introduced App Store aimed at reaching out to the campus community as an initiative of UPM to advance the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) in today's digital economy.

The launch of this QR Code application enables college students to donate and donate in the simplest, fastest and safest way through digital technology systems. The details of the QR Code application include a collaboration between UPM and Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad through the SnapNpay app. The QR feature in the application can be used on all billboards and posters featuring barcodes that can scan the QR code of the donation of UPM Mosque tube automatically to its contents.

“To use this application system users must upload barcode tracking applications to enable them to use this trunk anywhere and anytime.” Mr Bursar said in conjunction with the launch of the application at a reception celebrating the newly retired officer, Mrs. Hajjah Mastura Abdul Rahim.

How to make a donation:

1) Download the SnapNPay app in the Google Store or Apps Store

2) Sign up and click Create

3) Scan the UPM Mosque Qr Code or save Qr code and select QR from the gallery

4) Enter the value of the donation


This latest application is the best medium to make every donation and infaq work easier and every transaction and amount of donations will not be made public. We hope this Friday's opening of the application will benefit the entire campus community with continued increasing donations


photos during launching

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