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KSKB Family Day 2019

A family day event organized by the Bursar Office Sports and Welfare Club was held on April 13-14 at the Hotel Mestra Square Melaka.

The total number of participants was 400 people including 106 staff members and their families. The event kicks off with a telematch program starting at 5pm till 7pm.

The highlight of the program was the "Bollywood Night With Bursarians" themed dinner at the Ames Ballroom.A total of 3 groups performed the Bollywood-themed show that night and the Group from Treasurer 1, won the competition.Second place was won by group from Treasurer 2 and the third place by BPOB group.Apart from the lucky draw of the guests who attended the dinner, they were entertained with a Small Action program featuring young children performing Bollywood themed costumes.The ceremony was also attended by a session to raise pensions among the Bursar Office staff who will retire this year. The list of retirees is as follows:

1)Madam Mastura Abdul Rahim

2)Sir Sharifudin Mansor

3)Sir Raduan Othman

The next day, the family day program continued with a swimming activity in Melaka Wonderland.

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