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Poem Competition The Rise Of New Talent

OCTOBER-10, 2019:The nearly 2-hour program is the first cultural program held at the Bursar Office in honor of Read @ Bursar which is poem reading competition.


A total of 7 participants comprising representatives from each division at the Bursar Office volunteered to show off their talent in the competition. Preparation in a very short period of time in 3 days does not prevent each participant from demonstrating a high level of commitment to the performance. Providing accompaniment or props during the performance adds to the excitement of the event as well as a talented cast.


The jury came from the Faculty of Modern Languages, who is a very experienced master's student and very involved in the art of music. The competition was won by Mrs. Noraini Abdullah (Development Finance Division), Mrs. Siti Harlizah Rahman (Accounting Finance Division) in second place and Mrs. Norlia Hj Jaffar (Administrative Section) in third place and each took home the prizes and certificates of participation. Not to mention, for those who are unsuccessful, they also bring home a certificate of participation.


Mrs Aziah Hj Noh, who led the program, said “today's program is not only to celebrate the corner of Book Café Read @ Bursar but also to showcase the talent that exists among the Bursar Office staff ''. She also performed a poem for the audience. Among other performance is a poem reading by an officer Mrs Nur Asriati Jasmi from Financial Accounting Division



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