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Bursar Office 5S Practices Opening Ceremony and Awareness Briefing

Serdang, Aug 10 - The 5S Practice Awareness Briefing  and Opening Ceremony at the Bursar Office organized by the 5S Committee with the cooperation of the Training Committee, Bursar Office was held on August 8, 2017 at the Dewan Taklimat Serdang. A total of 80 participants from the Bursar Office were present.

The main objective of the ceremony was to officiate and launch the 5S Practice at Bursar's Office and subsequently held a briefing to Bursar's Office staff in understanding and appreciating the 5S Practices to be implemented and realized in Bursar's Office

Opening of Bursar Office's 5S Practices was officiated by Bursar's 5S Committee Advisor, Hjh Izariahwati binti Mohd Isa, while the 5S Practice Awareness Briefing was delivered by Mrs Shamriza binti Shari, Head of Quality Management Service Documentation Section, Centre of Quality Assurance . The official logo of 5S Bursar Office was also launched and the winner to create the 5S logo namely En Sauffi bin Ideris was announced during the opening ceremony.


Bursar's Office is committed to implement 5S Practice as part of the work culture  so that the environment in the office becomes more conducive and comfortable which  in turn  improve the productivity of the work place.

With this ceremony and awareness briefing, it is hoped that 5S Practices at the Bursar Office can be implemented effectively in addition to the cooperation and commitment of all Bursar's Officers


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