How does the registration process of suppliers/companies can be done?

Company registration can be made online through the UPM MyVendor System by visiting the website

Where is the Customer Service Counter, located?

It is located at:- d/a Ground Floor, Canselori Putra Building
Universiti Putra Malaysia
43400 Serdang Selangor Google Maps

How to check  the current/previous status of the tuition fees?

Student may deal directly with the Customer Service Counter of the Bursar’s Office or surf the website via URL for the Undergraduate or for the Postgraduate.  

How to make payment for tuition fees?
How to update the sponsor info?

Undergraduate student are required to refer to the  Student Affairs Dept while Masters / PhD to refer to the  School of Graduate Studies for  sponsors update.

If students already have sponsorship and in the same semester they have been offered other sponsorship, can they accept the new sponsorship without rejecting the existing sponsorship?

Can not. Students are only allowed to have only one sponsor either shaped sponsored scholarships / loans / gifts.

How long will it take to refund  tuition fees or  payment of sponsorship?

Payment to students will take 7 working days from the date he/she is entitled for the payment.

How to requests for the refund of Hostel fees/Bus/Meal Plan or tuition fees?

  • Hostel Fee - Please provide letter confirming that you are not staying in the college from the College Admin Office.
  • Bus Fee - Please provide letter of exemption for the Bus Fee from the Students Affairs Division.
  • Tuition fees - Please provide letter  confirming your status from the Academic Division/School of Graduate Studies.  

    When will the payment of scholarship/loan/GRF Allowance (Master/PhD) be received by the students?

    i.Students may make enquiries directly to their sponsor and normally sponsor will transmit payment to the Bursar’s Office 3 weeks before/after the current semester started.

    ii.GRF Allowances will be credited by the end of each month as stipulated in the agreement.    

    How tuition fees payment made for Master/Phd student who get SLAB JPA, KPM, KPTM or MARA?

    Students are required to submit a letter of sponsors at the customers counter, Pejabat Bendahari III in order to claim the fees to sponsors.

    Can student apply for parents EPF withdrawal if they still under PTPTN, JPA, MARA or other sponsorship during the semester?

    Cannot. EPF withdrawal application is counted as a sponsor and if students insist to do the withdrawal, they need to reject the existing sponsorship.

    How does the EPF application process?

    UPM students with a status of Malaysian citizens can apply for EPF Education e-withdrawals to finance tuition fees. e-Withdrawal of Education is an online application through EPF's website for members with i-Akaun. Please refer to the following links: If you have any questions, please visit or contact the EPF Contact Management Center at 03-8922 6000

    If i apply for deferment/Withdrawal, will the payment i made for that semester been refund or carry forward to next semester?

    Refund are only applicable for students who defer/withraw within 2 (two) weeks from commencing of the semester. Accomodation fees in the other hand will be recalculated based on days of staying (endorsed by the college) and any refund will be made after adjustment done

    Can i pay on selected fees as i want to?

    You can’t do that as the fees are set by the Universitty in packages and all students have to pay all the tuition fees charged to them

    If i am sponsored student and i already made the tuition fees payment, will it be deduct again from sponsor’s payment?

    No, It will be deducted again and any excess in the student ledger will be refund to the students or carry forward to the next semester.

    What will happen if i fail to settle all of my tuition fees outstanding?

    Students who fail to clear their outstanding will be barred from registration for the next semester and will be denied access to their exam result/transcripts

    I am a student undergoing industrial training (LI), why do I still have to pay fees at a high rate?

  • Service Fees and Tuition Fees are mandatory for students with active status. Accommodation Fees are not applicable to LI students who are not staying at a residential college.
  • There is an issue of Accommodation Fees being imposed on students who are undergoing industrial training due to failure to return college room keys based on data from the college. Therefore, students are asked to be careful in such situations.
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    Why are my fees not the same as my other friends even in the same program?

  • The amount of fee adjustment is the same for each student.
  • The difference in student fee rates will depend on the Accommodation Fee which is subject to the number of occupants per room. For example, College 12 and College 14 have different rates for double rooms and single rooms. 
  • The Development Fee of RM10.00 is allocated for minor repairs to residential college facilities.
  • College Fee (RM17.00) is still charged to Off-Campus Students for off-campus student assisstance and use of facilities in existing residential colleges.
  • Traffic summon issued by the University's Security Division can also be the reason for the differences
  • Fines from the library are also a factor in the difference in the amount of student fees.
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    PTPTN loan has been credited to my account. However, I found that the tuition fee was not deducted from the amount credited. What do I need to do?

    Regarding this matter, please contact the UPM Bursar Office for further clarification.   Email to  

     Who is eligible to apply UPM’s Loan Scheme

    All permanent staf are eligible to apply UPM’s Loan Scheme.

    How do a staf claims can be done?

    Staf claims can be done through e claim system.

    How is the process of individual ID registration (except staf and suppliers)? 

    Fill up the form Pendaftaran ID Individu (SOK/KEW/BR001/BUY).

    How to issue invoice to debtors?

    Complete the form Arahan Pengeluaran Invois /Pelarasan Antara PTJ (SOK/KEW/BR045/AKN) and send it to the Revenue Management Section with supporting documents

    What is the function of cash bill and who can issue it?

    Cash Bill serves as the official receipts for revenue collection in UPM.Cash bill can only be issued by an officer authorized by the head of responsibility centre  through the issuance of letter of authorisation.

    How do to obtain revenue collection from the participants for certain activities that carried out?

    Revenue collection  can be made in several ways, namely:
     a) Through cash bill issued by the authorised officers at PTJ. 
    b) Counter Bursar Office,  Administrative Building, UPM. 
    c) Send a cheque/postal order/money order/bank draft payable to Bendahari   Universiti Putra Malaysia together with relevant supporting documents to the address: Revenue Management Section ,  Bursar Office, 2nd floor, Administrative Building, Universiti Putra Malaysia43400 Serdang Selangor Darul Ehsan
    d) make payment at any Bank counter CIMB or interbank transfer.  Account name: Universiti Putra Malaysia. Account No: 12150005004050. Proof of payment must be attached and mailed to the address above.
     e) make payment by credit card either over the counter or use the Direct Debit authorization form (Direct Debit).

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