SERDANG, 22 August 2023 - The highlight of the program jointly organized by the High Pay Leadership Academy (AKEPT) and the Bursar's Office, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) this year is The "Professional Finance for Non Finance Program" which runs for 2 days at Hotel Everly Putrajaya starting on 21-22 August 2023.

This program in collaboration with the High Pay Leadership Academy (AKEPT) is targeted at a group of Non-Finance Managers in an effort to help top and senior management throughout the Public University (UA) to understand and appreciate the best financial management including best practices that can be implemented in each UA.

This program was inaugurated by the Director of AKEPT, namely Dato' Prof. Dr. Nasrudin bin Mohammed where he conveyed AKEPT's desire to accept this program and then the module developed by the UPM Bursar's Office.

The program started with a presentation session on 5 financial management topics delivered in the form of a simple forum by four panels, namely Mrs. Siti Amira Shukor, Mrs. Mazitah Ahmad, Mr. Mohd Akhi Abu Bakar and Mrs. Nur Asriati Jasmi. The presentation and forum organized by the moderator Mrs. Noraini Abdullah managed to convey all the topics well and benefited all the participants.

On the afternoon of Monday 21 August 2023, 2 separate presentations delivered by Mrs. Ana Azrin Ahmad with the title of Procurement Driving Teaching and Research and the presentation by Mrs. Yusnawati Mat Isa with the title of Transparency and Accountability in Payment also received serious attention from the participants through active participation during the quiz question session at the end of the presentation.

Meanwhile, the Public University & Company Forum Session: Funding Strategy and Synergy was also held with an invited panel which was Member of the Board of Directors of UPM University, Dato' Dr. Hasan Mad, Director of the Center for Advanced & Professional Education (UKMShape), Datuk Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hussin and Universiti Malaya (UM) Treasurer, Wan Mohd Sofi Wan Mustapha.

In the forum session, among the issues discussed was the mechanism to improve financial sustainability to achieve the goal of financial sustainability through the generation of funds as well as providing solutions to UA to reduce dependence on government funds through the generation of internal revenue sources.

Participants were also given the opportunity to participate in a group discussion session to assess the participants' ability to understand and appreciate the entire essence of the program In closing, UPM Bursar, Izariahwati Mohd Isa said, she hopes that through this program it will provide knowledge to the administrators of UA's responsibility center (PTJ) so that they can have a comprehensive view of the basic financial process. He also emphasized the importance of financial knowledge to top management to ensure management efficiency and avoid the observation of the audit or other authorities.

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