Bursar's Office is the department that responsible for providing financial services to Universiti Putra Malaysia. The  formation  of Bursar's Office is in line with the establishment of the University’s financial services which includes budget management, procurement management, payment management, asset management, revenue generation management  and account management.

In order to strengthen the financial services provided, Bursar Office has established  the central operational management  named Financial Division of Centralised Management Operation located at the new office previously occupied by School of Graduate Studies 2  starting from 1st August 2017  . The purpose of the establishment is to ensure financial services related to PTJ implemented by a group of finance officers and staff becomes more efficient and effective when they focused more to PTJ with intention to expedite payment and procurement process . Scope of financial services covered here is more  to operational level  which includes processing of purchase orders, processing of payments, preparation of financial reports and information and providing financial advices to PTJ

To further enhance the services, the Financial Regulation and Accounting Regulations adopted in 2002, the adoption of the Standard Accounting System for Government Agency (SAGA) financial system, The Quality Management System (SPK), ISO 9001:2015 and a Bursar's Customer Service Counter III that was implemented in 2003 is continuously addressed

Based on the suggestions and views of Bursar Office users, we continue to further enhanced our  financial services delivery system with Financial Division of Centralised Management Operation implemented in 2017. This restructuring became more effective when some of the systems could be fully utilized as follows:

  1. Sistem bayaran secara Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).
  2. E-Claims.
  3. Overseas student Payment (OSPOS).
  4. E-Sehat (Tender and Qoutation System) 


Bursar's Office takes the approach to upgrade the technology system by implementing a system for cash collection, upgrade SAGA system and establish a debt collection management system

The responsibilities of the Bursar's Office continue to be enhanced pursuant to Universiti Putra Malaysia as a research university, whose role is to be given the priority of the financial services to be implemented more efficiently and effectively as it did;

  1. Financial Division of Budget Management and Income Generation
  2. Financial Section of UPM Teaching Hospital
  3. Financial Division of Student and Income Management


This is in line with the achievement of the goals set out in the University's Strategic Plan which is to generate and manage the financial resources of the University efficiently and effectively. Up to now the Bursar Office structure is divided into 10 division comprising of:

  1. Financial Division of Budget Management and Income Generation
  2. Financial Division of Staff Facility
  3. Financial Division of Accounting
  4. Financial Division of Centralised  Management Operation
  5. Financial Division of Procurement Management
  6. Financial Division of Development
  7. Financial Division of Asset Management
  8. Financial Division of Research Management
  9. Financial Division of Student and Income Management
  10. Financial Division of UPMKB

Updated:: 27/09/2017 [azizal]