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Gotong Royong Programme for the Implementation of Public Sector Conducive Ecosystems (EKSA)

Serdang, 05 July 2022- In conjunction with the implementation of the Public Sector Conducive Ecosystem (EKSA) Year 2022, the Bursar's Office did not miss to ensure the active involvement of this department in the program by holding a Clean Environment Cooperation Program to achieve the goal. This activity is carried out from morning to evening to sort and organize documents and equipment that are no longer used for disposal purposes according to applicable procedures.

Puan Hajjah Izariahwati bt Mohd Isa, Bursar of UPM also gave support to this program and through her opening speech she suggested that all employees in the Bursar's Office commit to implementing EKSA which has been delayed for 2 years as a result of the previous Covid-19 Movement Control Order. In addition, he also called for the implementation of EKSA to apply creative and innovative ideas through recycled materials to support the university's desire to expand green practices and savings campaigns.

Before starting the gotong royong program, a special briefing on the progress of the work process and also an appreciation of the concept of EKSA was delivered by the Head of the EKSA Internal Audit Committee of the Bursar's Office, Mr. Mohd Hafiz bin Amrullah to all employees of the Bursar's Office online. He has briefly explained the methods and criteria of the spaces that will be evaluated during the UPM audit which is expected to be held in September or October 2022 involving generic components and specific components. Among them are;

  1. Office Space
  2. Meeting Room
  3. Training/Lecture Room
  4. Counter
  5. Store
  6. Pantry/Dining Room
  7. Surau
  8. Toilet
  9. Printing Room and others.

Mr. Mohd Hafiz has also emphasized that the implementation of EKSA in the Bursar's Office should apply the new elements of EKSA, namely corporate image, conducive work environment, diversity and go-green. In order to give recognition and encourage a culture of healthy competition between these zones, the Audit Committee will also organize a competition namely;

  1. Best Zone
  2. Best Officer's Room
  3. Best Staff Workspace
  4. The Best Toilet
Overall, the journey of mutual aid activities this time has gone smoothly as planned and most importantly, the spirit of cooperation and helpfulness among the Bursar's Office staff has been well established.
































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